International activities
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The European association for vocational and social education (EBG), founded 1990, is a non profit private organisation (NGO) in the fields of vocational training and continuing education (certified DIN EN ISO 9001:2008). The present 35 training centres in Germany, Slovak Republic, China, Vietnam and in Russia offer an extensive spectrum of training programs. In developing its programmes EBG takes into account current labour market trends and vocational qualification requirements in the respective target country and ensures a high level of relevance to the field of practice.

EBG offers several training activities (train the trainers, basic and further vocational education, vocational retraining, development of teaching and learning materials, curricula and certification) by strong practical component, close alignment with working methods and processes as well job market requirements. Some relevant programmes of EBG are: Training programmes for metalwork, social services, biotechnology, chemistry and environmental protection.

Since 2003 the EBG is providing further qualification for Chinese, since 2008 Vietnamese vocational teachers, students and workers in branches CNC –Technique (turning, milling, eroding), welding training and mechatronics. In cooperation with the AHK in Shanghai EBG is issuing the respective certificates as well.

Private Pedagogy and Social Academy, Brezno, Slovakia is a  secondary school with German language classes in three specialization fields : The Mistress-ship and Tutorage for Children in Nursery Schools, The Educatory and Health Visitory Movements and The Social and Educational Operator.

EBG is member of EVBB, European Association of Instiutes for Vocational Training ( and ENTE, European Network for Traveller Education (