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Training courses at the Regional Competence Center Berlin

Title Start Description Flyer download
Adaptation training for immigrant nurses 01.09.2017 VZ Anpassungsqualifizierung Anpassungsqualifizierung.pdf (272 kB)
CAD course on request VZ 06091200 06091200.pdf (390,5 kB)
Formwork setter on request VZ 01041101 01041101.pdf (807,0 kB)
Mobile Geriatric care assistant on request VZ 02011200 02011200.pdf (704,7 kB)
Mobile Geriatric care assistant (incl. driving licence) on request VZ 02011201 02011201.pdf (706,0 kB)
Patchwork courses – Geriatric care on request S 02011201 pw-flyer.pdf (918,0 kB)
Service technician for mobile constructions on request VZ 04031100 04031100.pdf (782,2 kB)
Service technician for mobile constructions incl. truck driving license on request VZ 04031101 04031101.pdf (783,4 kB)
Qualification as sanitary engineer 08.05.2017 VZ 03031100 03031100.pdf (759,6 kB)

VZ – Full time training
S – Seminar (individual appointments are possible by arrangements)


For our participants, we work closely with our partner deutsche arbeitsvermittlung .

Please inform yourself here on current job vacancies.

Fahrschule allroad     Many jobs require a driving license. To improve the chances for a permanent job, some of our courses offer the possibility to obtain a driving license. Our long-term cooperation with the driving school "allroad" helps to realize this aim.


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